Soybean Extruder Machine

Soybean Extruder Machine

Extruder Machine is required for processing soybean and other oilseeds. It increases the yield of oil and destroys harmful microorganisms in feed. ‘Anand’ specially designed Extruder also reduce the urease activity and content of trypsin inhibitors along with increasing oil yield and destroying harmful microorganisms.

Our Extruders produce excellent quality of full fat soy meal by heating it well under ambient compression and optimum time.

Available capacities:


Whitehorse Overseas Soybean extruder machine is mainly used for pretreatment of soybean, corn, soybean meal, etc. After being expanded and disinfected, soybeans can be directly used for pressing or leaching to extract oil. The extruder machine is an ideal pretreatment equipment for the oil to puff the green embryo or the pre-pressed cake before leaching with solvent. It is widely recognized and adopted by domestic and foreign oil manufacturers due to its remarkable achievements in saving equipment investment, increasing production and reducing energy consumption.
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